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Enter one or more words and click Search.

Enjoy looking through your search results. Open and view documents that interest you. A document can be anything from a newspaper article, to a photograph, PDF, or video.

Things to know

What ProQuest is doing with the words you entered:

ProQuest looks for your words (search terms) in the following document information:

If you enter more than one word, eternal love for example, ProQuest will look for documents that contain both eternal and love in any of the document information listed above. 

Search for an exact phrase

Surround your words with quotation marks—“eternal love” or “life after death”—to force ProQuest to look for your words as a phrase only, rather than finding each word separately.

Find out what databases you’re searching

Information about what databases you are currently searching is displayed in the blue bar at the top of the ProQuest window. Here’s an example of how it looks:

You are searching: 81 databases (See list | Change >>)
Use the links to view the current list and select or deselect databases.

Limit your search

Autocomplete -- search term suggestions as you enter your search

If enabled by your administrator, autocomplete provides suggestions from previously successful searches by ProQuest users. The list changes as you type, to match previous searches that start with what you have entered at any point. Click any term in the list to immediately search for that term.

You can click the Turn off auto-complete link to disable search term suggestions for your current ProQuest session.

Learn more

Search industries

Move your cursor and pause over any of the industry images to display a popup list of relevant databases.

Change how the industries display

Use the Image view or List view links to switch between the default visual display, and database list display.


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