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My Research is a place where you can save, manage, and organize the content and supporting materials you find and create in ProQuest. You can include documents, searches, search alerts, RSS feeds, and more in My Research.

Creating your account

The link for accessing My Research is in the blue bar at the top of the ProQuest window.

My Research — Click this link to display the My Research page. If you have not signed into an account, the page includes a sign-in area for existing users as well as a link to create an account.

The information we ask for

The amount of information we ask you for is minimal.

Although we keep your information private, it’s always a good idea to sign out of your My Research account when using ProQuest in a library or other public setting.

Account expiration

Account inactivity and account expiration for ProQuest Dialog users at academic institutions

While you are still affiliated with or attending your institution, you can use your My Research username and password to log into ProQuest anywhere, anytime. If you have not logged into ProQuest through your institution for a period of 76 days, you will be notified by email that your My Research account will become inactive after 90 days. The email will explain that to avoid inactivation of your account, simply connect to ProQuest Dialog through your institution by whatever method the institution provides—a link or a login page—and then sign into your My Research account. Your account will remain active.

If you do allow 90 days to pass without accessing ProQuest Dialog through your institution, and you then access ProQuest from outside of your institution, and try to access your My Research account, an error message will display with the above instructions for reactivating your account. You’ll also be able to view your saved research with the same restricted ProQuest access detailed above.

Important to know: The administrator at your institution can enable or disable the ability for users to log into ProQuest Dialog using their My Research username and password. If you cannot log into ProQuest Dialog using your My Research credentials, and you think you should be able to, talk to your administrator or librarian.

My Research accounts will be permanently closed after three years of inactivity.

Account expiration for ProQuest Dialog users at corporate and non-academic institutions

Your ProQuest Dialog administrator can specify an expiration date for your account, using the ProQuest Administration page. If your account expires, you’ll still be able to sign into My Research, but will only be able to view citations. Links to full text will be unavailable. Contact your administrator if you are unable to sign into My Research.

Changing your account information or deleting your account

If you ever want to change any of your account information sign in to My Research and click the Account tab. Make your changes and click Update account.

Use the Delete account link to permanently remove your account from ProQuest.

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