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What is ProQuest?
What is ProQuest Dialog?
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Every ProQuest page includes a Help link and corresponding icon in the upper right corner. Question mark icon that links to the Help system  ProQuest Help is context-sensitive, meaning that the help topic that displays when you click the link or icon will be relevant to the page you are on, whether you’re looking at a search form, your search results, or a displayed document.

With a help topic displayed, use the table of contents at the left to explore other topics.

What is ProQuest?

ProQuest, the company, is a world leader in serving the information needs of millions of researchers of all ages, of all abilities, in libraries and research institutions around the world.

ProQuest, the product, is the database search application we designed to pursue our mission to connect people and information, and realize our vision to be central to research around the world.

What is ProQuest Dialog?

Formed in 1966 and acquired by ProQuest in 2008, Dialog is the global leader in providing online-based information services to organizations seeking competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance, and law. Eventually, over 900 Dialog databases serving the corporate market will be searchable through the ProQuest interface. Both novice and professional researchers, working on their own or with the help of a corporate librarian, will be able to find the information they need. 

Searching, your way

You search and ProQuest Dialog delivers results. Depending on how your library or institution customizes ProQuest—including what databases they make available—ProQuest Dialog provides the following search methods:

Content for key research areas

ProQuest Dialog databases provide mostly citation, abstract and index (A&I) access to millions of documents from thousands of sources, covering research areas like these:

Important to know: Depending on the Dialog database, some full text documents—like reports or newspaper content—may be available in your search results.

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Saving your research across ProQuest Dialog sessions

A ProQuest Dialog session begins when you click your institution’s link to ProQuest Dialog, or when you log into ProQuest Dialog with a username and password. In a library setting, a session commonly extends across the experience of more than one user, as one person finishes and walks away, and another takes their place. A link at the right of the blue toolbar at the top of every ProQuest Dialog page lets you immediately exit your session. Alternatively, if you are using a My Research account to access ProQuest, you can pause your session and return to it at any time for up to 4 hours.

My Research is a place where you can save, manage, and organize the things you find or create in ProQuest Dialog — including documents, searches, search alerts, RSS feeds, and more. Although you can use your My Research area without having a My Research account, there are many benefits and reasons for creating one.

It only takes a minute to create your My Research account. And it’s free. With a My Research account, you’ll have access to ProQuest anywhere, anytime.

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