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My Research is a place where you can save, manage, and organize the content and supporting materials you find and create in ProQuest. You can include documents, searches, search alerts, RSS feeds, and more in My Research.

ProQuest Dialog administrators can access an Administration page to manage My Research accounts and workgroups.

My Research is powered by RefWorks, the premier online service for organizing citations and creating bibliographies. If you have a RefWorks account, you can seamlessly add citations to RefWorks and synchronize your RefWorks and My Research account folders.

The benefits of having a My Research account

The major benefit of having a My Research account is the ability to save documents or other items you find during a ProQuest session to your account. With the documents saved to your account, you’ll be able to access them whenever you’re in ProQuest.

It takes just few minutes to create a My Research account, and it’s free. The My Research link in the blue bar at the top of any ProQuest page.

Here’s what a My Research account gives you:

Important to know — Even without a My Research account, you can access and re-run searches you’ve conducted during your current ProQuest session. Click the My Research link and then click the Searches tab.

Saving documents to My Research

You can save documents to My Research from the Search Results page, or from Document View.

If you want to create a list of documents that you find during your current session only, and don’t care about having them available during future ProQuest sessions, add documents to the Selected items page. This list is traditionally often called a marked list.

You retain access to your My Research account, even when you leave your institution/organization

When you graduate, or leave your institution or organization for any reason, you will lose ProQuest access provided through that institution or organization. However, you will still be able to use your My Research username and password to log into ProQuest—from anywhere you can display a ProQuest Login page—and access your My Research account. You’ll be able to view citation information for all of the saved research you collected before you left your institution or organization. However, links to newly added ProQuest content, or to the full text of your saved documents will be disabled.

Account inactivity and account expiration for ProQuest Dialog users at academic institutions

While you are still affiliated with or attending your institution, you can use your My Research username and password to log into ProQuest anywhere, anytime. If you have not logged into ProQuest through your institution for a period of 76 days, you will be notified by email that your My Research account will become inactive after 90 days. The email will explain that to avoid inactivation of your account, simply connect to ProQuest Dialog through your institution by whatever method the institution provides—a link or a login page—and then sign into your My Research account. Your account will remain active.

If you do allow 90 days to pass without accessing ProQuest Dialog through your institution, and you then access ProQuest from outside of your institution, and try to access your My Research account, an error message will display with the above instructions for reactivating your account. You’ll also be able to view your saved research with the same restricted ProQuest access detailed above.

Important to know: The administrator at your institution can enable or disable the ability for users to log into ProQuest Dialog using their My Research username and password. If you cannot log into ProQuest Dialog using your My Research credentials, and you think you should be able to, talk to your administrator or librarian.

My Research accounts will be permanently closed after three years of inactivity.

Account expiration for ProQuest Dialog users at corporate and non-academic institutions

Your ProQuest Dialog administrator can specify an expiration date for your account, using the ProQuest Administration page. If your account expires, you’ll still be able to sign into My Research, but will only be able to view citations. Links to full text will be unavailable. Contact your administrator if you are unable to sign into My Research.

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